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Becoming a member of our society

If you are considering joining our society you are always welcome to complete the membership application form and send it to our postal address. Currently, there is a German-language application form only.
Persons not speaking German: please contact our office; we will arrange for the necessary details.
Please make sure to fill out all required sections carefully to enable our handling of your application in due time!
   » Application form, in German (MS Word format)
   » Application form, in German (PDF format)
A German-language information folder containing a concise summary of our Internet pages is available here:
   » Information folder, in German (PDF format)
Upon request, our office will send you a copy of our statutes.
We would enjoy welcoming you as a new member!

Support by Donations
Even if becoming a member is not an option for you, you may always support our work in Kenya by donating money. Details on our donation account have been summarized on our donation-info page (note our new account number which is valid starting October 24, 2009). For your annual tax return, you will receive a receipt of your donation provided your name and address are known. Please contact us for additional detail — you are always welcome.
We would be grateful if you would support us!

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Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V., Germany; E-mail of our office: foerderkreis.kenya.freudenstadt@web.de