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Office of Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V., Germany. Original English version first published August 24, 2014.

Map of Kenya depicting some project locations.
Map of Kenya depicting some project locations supported by the society (due to font size used, approximate locations only).
Kenya is a tropical African country situated right at the equator and the East African Indian Ocean coast.
Some data characterizing the country are given as follows (population number rounded):

Area: approx. 224,400 square miles
Population, 2020: 53.8 Mio
Population, 2018: 51.4 Mio
Population, 2015: 47.8 Mio
Population, 2012: 44.3 Mio
Population, 2009: 38.6 Mio
Population, 1979: 15.3 Mio
Population, 1950: 6 Mio

Languages: English, Swahili, several dozen local languages

Economy: mainly agricultural and tourism but industry exists, mainly in the highlands.
The income of employees is rather low compared with American or European standards, often ranging between 40 to 70 US$/month or less with a strong disparity between low and high income ranges.
Notably in rural areas, there are many individuals without any income at all.
This contrasts with the situation of the upper classes like, for example, the members of the country's parliament, who are among those earning most with a yearly income that is similar to or sometimes even higher than what representatives in many European countries can rake in.

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