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Aid for Africa — Since 1992 by Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V.

1.Society's » New Agenda 2023.
2.Report on our latest » 2019 project trip to Kenya
5.Hunger Relief Campaign 2017: » Call for donations due to drought and hunger in Kenya. Report on this page!
6.Freudenstadt Africa fest 2017 and the society's 25-year celebrations (with gospel concert). Details available soon.
7.Country information on » Kenya and our Projects



Starting 2023, we have again found personnel volunteering to translate part of our Internet presentations from German to English (available soon!).
Until completion of the translation, you may read the material on our German-language starting page.

Christmas 2022 — Call for Donations

See our German-language page for datail (English version currently being proofread: available soon!).

Society's 30th year anniversary celebration

See our German-language page for datail (English version currently being proofread: available soon!).

Christmas 2019 — Call for Donations

Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V. Translated from our Christmas 2019 letter. Original Internet version first published 12/04/2019.

New beekeeping project (beehive boxes left), and the drop irrigation scheme supported by our society near Doldol / Kenya.

Dear Friends and Supporters
of the society:

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God" (Hebrews 13:16). These biblical words of calling have been our guideline since we founded the society. The support you generously give helps poor and needy people in Kenya in many ways.

Many young persons in East Africa face little prospect and need our help. With your support, and by working together, we can make school attendance possible and thus break the "vicious circle of poverty". Education constitutes the key to a possible road out of poverty to independence. We are therefore setting out to continue the support of 136 young people in their education and their training. In Kenya, there is plenty of opportunity to find a job after successfully having completed school or college education and thus earn a regular income. Qualified training significantly increases these prospects. Thanks to good education and training not only the financial situation of the individual can be secured, but also that of his family and relatives.

At the end of this year, I would like to thank all of you for your support, your compassion, your confidence in our work in Kenya. We remain dependent on it.

Together with the society's bord members, I do wish all of you, supporters and friends of the society alike, a peaceful and rewarding Christmas time and a happy new year.
Signed by
the society's project coordinator, and the society's office staff

Hunger Relief Campaign 2017: Call for Donations!

Office of Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V. German version first published 04/20/2017.

FOR ALREADY more than one year, Kenya and its adjacent countries are experiencing a severe drought that causes many individuals who suffer hunger to depend on external support. During our project visit to Kenya in February 2017, we started, within the capabilities of our society, a hunger relief campaign to directly hand out staple food to a limited number of persons in need.
To be able continuing our hunger relief effort and to extend the campaign to more persons needing food, we are calling out for your URGENT assistance! To this end, you may send your donation to our Freudenstadt office, see our » "Ways-to-donate page (add "hunger relief campaign 2017 to memo section of check or bank transfer)" for detail on how to transfer money to our society. Please designate the purpose of your donation by adding "Hunger Relief Campaign 2017" to the memo section of your bank transfer, or check. All your donations are welcome and both we and the individuals supported thank you for your support!
For your annual tax return, you will receive a receipt of your donation no later than January or February the following year (provided your name and address are known).
Distribution of hunger relief campaign food supplies by the catholic sisters near Baharini. Image 1/5. Part of immediate hunger relief donation distributed by society members near the Indian Ocean coast during their project visit to Kenya in February 2017. Image 2/5. Distribution of hunger relief campaign food supplies by the catholic sisters near Baharini. Image 3/5. Distribution of hunger relief campaign food supplies by the catholic sisters near Baharini. Image 4/5. Distribution of hunger relief campaign food supplies by the catholic sisters near Baharini. Image 5/5.
Pictures: Distribution of hunger relief donations financed by Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V. in Kenya. Due to the currently persisting drought and hunger situation in Kenya, a continuation and extension of the hunger relief campaign is urgently needed!

Commitment beyond Borders

Society members visiting Embu, Kenya, in 1995.
Society members visiting Embu, Kenya, in 1995.
AIDS orphans, in Baharini, Kenya, who are receiving support from our society.
AIDS orphans, in Baharini, Kenya, who are receiving support from our society.
AIDS orphans who are living with their grandmother.
AIDS orphans who are living with their grandmother.
AIDS orphans, Baharini, Kenya.
AIDS orphans, Baharini, Kenya.

FOERDERKREIS KENIA E.V., a registered society with tax-exempt status that was founded in 1992 as an ecumenical initiative, aims at supporting charitable and other aid projects in Kenya.

Main Objectives of our Society:
  • Financial schooling support including tuition fee payment for capable students who show need.
  • Support of schools (material assistance for school building; sponsoring of teaching and learning supplies which also incur fees; etc.)
  • Education, training, charitable support and medical aid for AIDS orphans and for street children whose parents died of AIDS.
  • Support of individual families, for example after loss of harvest due to drought or flood damage.
  • Donation of medicine in order to further the public health in rural areas (antisera; anti-retroviral medication for treating HIV/AIDS; etc.)
  • Support of small-scale irrigation schemes for cultivating vegetables; training of subsistance farmers
  • Advancement of the missionary and church-related social work of local churches irrespective of their denomination
Roots of the Society

Beginning in the 1970's, the society's precursor consisted of a group of friends and interested individuals who coordinated both church-related and private aid programs in East Africa. Having among them not only volunteers but also church employees, mainly from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Württemberg (Southern Germany), part of this group's activities was officially carried out under the auspices or with the help of their church's institutions. Participating with Kenyan partners, they supported church-based educational, social and charitable work in East Africa, took part in exchange programs with the Kenyan YMCA and Christian parishes of various denominations in Kenya thus seeking to win and support competent coworkers volunteering in the development work of the church.

Details on our Work
Moved by the poverty and living conditions in East Africa that are especially affecting children of all ages, this group of individuals founded the society in 1992 with the goal to coordinate and support the population with non-profit aid programs, concentrating our efforts where help is needed most.

Children whose parents have died of AIDS are especially burdened. It was published that this would affect some 1.2 million children in Kenya alone, out of which approximately 90,000 AIDS orphans have no shelter at the homes of their relatives but are instead living as street children. Others can hardly be fed by their parents or are unable to attend school. Sadness or mere concern without action are in no way conducive to ameliorating this condition. When we met in the early 1990s to discuss ways of coordinating work, most members of our society had already had contact with Kenyans or had otherwise been involved in Kenya for private or business reasons. After an initial brainstorming phase, our society, Foerderkreis Kenia e.V. Freudenstadt, was officially founded with the main objective of ameliorating, within the humble potential of our society, the miserable living conditions many children face in East Africa. Due to the unceasing efforts of our members, all 83 being volunteers, our non-profit society managed to start, maintain or support small projects with a sum total of more than 200,000 Euros since our work began (2009 figure).

Schooling Sponsorships
Americans and Europeans alike expect their children to be offered adequate schooling conditions — without having to pay any fees. This is slightly different in Kenya where only the government-backed public school education of the lower grades is now basically free. Students attending private schools, often the only viable option, and the higher grades following primary school education usually have to pay all their tuition fees. Teaching and learning materials are also incurring costs. For many, this amounts to sums that are often beyond the reach of their families, especially in rural areas where income is usually considerably lower than in the cities. School sponsorship and tuition programs are thus one of the major projects of the society — an investment for the future. Those graduating from school can opt for adequate vocational training thus enabling them later on to support their own families. Our school sponsorship and tuition program is therefore constituting an important step for self-help, enabling the students to stand on their own after leaving school.

Complete Distribution of All Donations

  • Administrative expenditures and public relations costs are paid not by donations but by our membership fees.
  • 100% of all donations are sent to the supported projects (without deducting a single dime).

The society is cooperating with several trustworthy persons in East Africa in order to make sure that 100 per cent of your donations are reaching their destination. Among this dedicated group of individuals we would especially like to mention members of the Anglican Church in Embu, at the base of Mount Kenya, coworkers of the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church (KELC), members of the Catholic church in Hola, and a group of Franciscans and nuns from Mpeketoni/Baharini.

Future of our Projects — The Society's Public Relations Work
The future of our projects depends entirely on the financial support we receive.
For this reason, we are reaching out to the public using

  • Information booths, for example during the Freudenstadt Africa festival,
  • Slide shows and multimedia presentations, and
  • A newsletter, which is published twice a year (Easter and Xmas editions).

We are looking for individuals willing to share with fellow humans living on another continent. We are well off while others face a day-to-day struggle to survive. Only a little is needed for luck, and those who received a bright smile from the thankful eyes of children know why Foerderkreis Kenia e.V. is fighting for this good cause.

Becoming a Member
If you are considering joining our society you are always welcome to complete the membership application form and post it to our office address. Simply click the following link for additional detail:
   » Information on becoming a member of our society.

We would enjoy welcoming you as a new member!

Support by Donations
Becoming a member may not be an option for everyone. But even if you are unsure whether to become a member of our society, you may still support our work for those in need by donating money. Details have been summarized on our donation info page.
We would be grateful if you would become part of our support network!

Additional Information
You will receive additional information by contacting the society's correspondence office.
To this end, you are welcome to send an email to the following address:

For the society's postal address the interested reader is referred to the site info page.

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