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Support our work in Africa by donating money!

You are welcome to send us donations for supporting our work in Africa.
You may send in your funds by way of check, payable to Foederkreis Kenia e.V. Freudenstadt (see address of our correspondence office), cash, money order or bank transfer (the preferred method within the European Union). If sending a check, please designate what it is for on the memo section of the check.

Valid for Germany or EU member countries, where applicable: For your annual tax return, you will receive a receipt of your donation no later than January or February of the following year (provided your name and address are known). Upon your request, the receipt may also be issued immediately after having received your donation.

Banking account for your donations:
1) Transfers from within Germany, or the European Union:
Beneficiary: Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V.
Bank: Volksbank eG im Kreis Freudenstadt;
Please use IBAN: DE63 6429 1010 0322 2210 05

2) Transfers from outside the European Union:
Please use the beforementioned beneficiary and account information (account number 322221005) together with the following

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Foerderkreis Kenia Freudenstadt e.V., Germany; E-mail of our office: foerderkreis.kenya.freudenstadt@web.de